December 2, 2007


Another try to 2dartist:)
My first try is missed the deadline.
The second one... I totally forgot to send a mail with the finished version.:)
But this time, I will try it harder!:)


Sleepy little girl said...

I dreamed or it wasn't a really funny pink picutre in this morning????

Don't understand...

tom said...

Yes, it was. I talked with my friend -Erik-, yesterday. He said: "This isn't your best". I feel the same way, it's made me nervous, so I removed it.
I will post it again later, sweetheart. Don't worry!;)

technical genius said...

Dear Tom!

Fotofelxer wasn't a good choice for me:)
Never mind! That's not your fault!

Anonymous said...


nice crouch

RoB said...

Great pose and expression!

Keep'em coming!~


tom said...

Brian, Rob:
Thanks for taking time to comment!