March 27, 2007


vector stuff, not a unique one.
I saw this "style" many times, and now I just want to try it.

March 25, 2007


The famous tic series has a new challenger:)

About the Black Queen project:
I couldn't make an entry for the last Chow. I don't have any good idea, and as I watched the entries... They are too strong for me:)

I got a couple of e-mail responses from my Greatest Uncle, about my english spelling... So I corrected every post Sir! As You asked Sir! ;)
Ahm... Almost every...Sir...:D

March 20, 2007

Galactic WIP

Yes! I got a lot of comments (two or three :D), on how the people liked this series. So here comes the next "tic": Galactic.
It's still WIP, but I'm need to finish this until the week ends, because just readed the #64 Chow's Topic: Black Queen... Sounds interesting, I got to get in on this one

another speedy scrap

March 11, 2007


about 15-20 min each...

March 6, 2007

drawn from life

Ten minutes sketch. Pen on paper, scanned and digitally retouched (highlights, etc.)
This is my first original scrap from my new 11x16 sketchbook on this blog.
Ooh Yeah!:)

March 5, 2007


Been busy in the last two weeks... I only did this retroskater-lollipoper chick. Well, I didn't spend much time on this (about 1-1,5h). I know, it isn't my best work:), I must practice more.