December 8, 2007

dino nuggets


Anonymous said...


nice colors and form
funny concept

naomiful said...


I have Dino Nuggets too!!! They are so awesome lol.. I'm like .. ooh I'm about to eat some nuggets in the shapes of dinosaurs yay!

lol. anyways... hi. -_-; cute dinosaur :)

RoB said...


That is an great concept and awesome colors! Well done sir!


Dan Szilagyi "hungry hungarian" said...

What??! another hungarian? really? that's too cool my friend, thank you so much for the comments! i think your work is by far much better then mine! but thanks again for dropping by, i'll be adding you to my links.
I used to live in Budapest when i was little, i miss that old place, how is everything back there?

anywho awesome posts hungarian brother!

tom said...

Thank you guys:)

Hey Dan!
You can find more and more hungarian illustrator-blogger behind my blog-links!
About comparing our works... I am not sure of that:) I put your blog into my links too.

Budapesten minden rendben, néha szeretném, hogy nekem is hiányozzon :D

dan szilagyi said...

Hey Tom,
Thanks for the add,I've added you to mine too.
I have to say your english is really good so don't worry about it.
Thanks for the tips too, i penciled everything in first and then i went over the line work with a pen and then i used markers to color it, i'm also going to use photoshop to paint the rest.
So can i ask you if you work? do you work for an art studio or do you work freelance? i was thinking of going back to budapest to work in animation but i have no idea of what's going on over there, so could you please tell me anything that you know? i can tell you anything about canada if your interested.
thanks alot and talk to you soon!

tom said...

Hey Dan,
I will send you an e-mail!

Anonymous said...

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