September 17, 2008

I'm back!

I'm back! So let's start dancing!;)
(That's not me on the picture)


wintermonkey said...

welcome back. i'll do a little dance.

i like this image. particularly the ground. awesome. awesome to the max.

Anonymous said...

nice mix of photo and paint

Aurora said...

nice dancing guy! and well integrated with photo.
;) well done, I hope to come back soon!
un saludo

bog_art said...

Great recent work my friend!.. I really like your post "vector stuff"..

robi pena said...

Hey Tamas :-)!! Superbe works as always my friend!! So now you’ve been “tagged” my friend ;-) this time are you on my seleccion hiihii, sorry! come to my blog and read what it’s about, ok? Thank's and see you soon!! Cheers ^^

Anonymous said...

and gone again?

Dan szilagyi said...

Good to see your stuff man! sorry for not dropping by sooner!

I love this Billy Idol song myself, and i agree it's a nice mix of paints and photo



tom said...

Hey guys,

I'm not going anywhere:) Just out of ideas, time... Some kind of creative crisis:D
I will post some things soon.

Thanks for dropping by pals!

robi pena said...

Superbe, thank you my friend :-) I hope you enjoy it! Cheers!!