March 25, 2007


The famous tic series has a new challenger:)

About the Black Queen project:
I couldn't make an entry for the last Chow. I don't have any good idea, and as I watched the entries... They are too strong for me:)

I got a couple of e-mail responses from my Greatest Uncle, about my english spelling... So I corrected every post Sir! As You asked Sir! ;)
Ahm... Almost every...Sir...:D


Anders said...

Hey Tamas, great stuff around here!!
your speed paintings are outstanding!!!
and by the way thanks for your great comment!

LauraBraga said...

Hi Tamas!!
great illustration!!
I love your color....


marcobucci said...

Really cool - those blues and purples are meshing well. And especially thanks for posting the process below. It's always really nice to see how something evolves.

tom said...
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tom said...

Thanks for all of Your comments!

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Tons of really cool work on your blog !!