November 29, 2006

Pilgrim of Mars, stepbystep

Although I am not a professional artist, but maybe someone is interested in "how I work".
So I saved my latest work in individual files to show each of my steps before the final image

This is my first thumbnail. At this point I just play with big shapes, and did'nt work out any of details. There are problems with his foot, hands etc..blabla

Second thumbnail. I gave him an old-school rocker personality and fixed some perspective problems.

Overdraw. Refining lines

Base Colors added.

Almost done with the painting. Still had problems with his legs, so I redraw his foot, but caught with foreshortening...:S
You can see the final image on the post before this:P

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Ricko said...

A 4. és 5. fázis közti átmenet olyan Feng Zhu-s... Hopp, a homogen foltból szikla lesz. :D